What moves us is

We create an encouraging environment based on respect and valuing people

Do you want to work for a company with purpose? So, join Marjan!

People, health, environment and innovation are the core values that drive us. They are the cornerstones of our mission and essence of our work.


If you want to unlock and develop your potential, be a team player in a constructive and productive working environment, join Marjan and make the difference (by offering better healthcare solutions to people).

Internship program

Teams at Marjan are extremely collaborative, so you will find an inspiring environment to demonstrate your skills and talents as well as further develop your potential. If you want to grow and be part of a special team, Marjan can be your place!

Crescer Program

More than developing people, we believe in the potential and celebrate the successful achievements of each individual. For this reason, we promote an internal program that map the career path of employees, providing opportunities for relocations and promotions to new positions within the company.

Scholarships and partnerships

Faced with an increasingly dynamic and highly competitive market setting, promoting self-development and encouraging employees to pursue broader knowledge is our priority. The aim is that the individuals achieve their full potential. For this reason, we offer partnerships with universities for language courses, Postgraduate and MBA courses.

Performance Management

At Marjan we conduct our performance cycle every year, which is the basis of  career development and opportunities.

Viva a Vida Program

We highly value the balance of between personal life and professional duties. We believe that self-care and health go hand in hand, through a set of initiatives that develop the body and mind. There are several campaigns and actions so as to promote a balanced and healthy life.

What moves us is