What moves us is

Aligned with the essence of life

Aligned with people, health, the environmentand innovation .Those are the values that drive us. And thosepaths are the essence of our existence.

About us

Marjan Farma

Marjan Farma is a Brazilian pharmacist with over 60 years, whose commitment is to provide quality of life and well-being to its consumers and society in general. Being in line with people, health, the environment and innovation are the values ​​by which it moves and translates its purpose of being in line with the essence of life.

To this end, it invests in highly qualified professionals, cutting-edge research and infrastructure, always prioritizing the humanization of medicine. Through our “ComPaixão Campaign”, we seek to highlight the importance of humanized treatment and care for doctors, patients and healthcare professionals. We believe that the future of healthcare must be oriented towards a more humanized and prevention-oriented vision, with more comprehensive treatments that value interpersonal relationships. In this way, we seek to establish a relationship of loyalty, based on respect, attention and mutual ethics.

Thus, we have developed a diversified portfolio with a wide range of therapeutic options for treatment and prevention, including herbal medicines, supplements and foods. We are constantly looking for new approaches and innovative products that make us stand out in the pharmaceutical market.

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Our story



Marjan Farma Foundation


Merger with JOMA, Sintoquímica and Activus


Launch of Trivagel-N, focused on women’s health


Implementation of the industrial plant on Rua Gibraltar, in Santo Amaro

(Santo Amaro district in São Paulo)


Pasalix is launched, the first herbal medicine indicated for anxiety treatment .

Launch of innovative products such as: folic acid, antioxidants and phytohormones.


Endofolin is launched, a folic acid supplement indicated for the prevention of fetal malformations such as neural tube defects


Launch of Vitergan Zinc and Vitergan Zinc PL, antioxidants to replace vitamins and minerals


Aplause is launched, a phytohormone indicated for the relief of  menopause symptoms


Launch of Vecasten, herbal medicine indicated for the treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency


Institute Olinto Marques de Paulo is established with focus on the improvement of children’s (up to 7 years old) education


New administrative office for Marjan Farma


New segments – food supplements


Viterkids is launched, a multivitamin for children in the form of gummies


Launch of Caldê Mag, vitamin-mineral calcium, vitamin D and magnesium supplement

Start of partnership with SOBRAFITO and ANVISA in workshops focused on medicinal plants


Launch of Caldê K2, vitamin-mineral calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2 supplement

Launch of Barivit, vitamin-mineral supplement with chewable tablet technology

Expansion of the production area, with the acquisition of new machinery and equipment


Launch of Permear, a herbal medicine indicated for the symptomatic relief of moderate joint pain and acute low back pain

Launch of Normaten Fit, probiotic laxative

Launch of Tenflax, hydrolyzed collagen


Launch of PreFolin, a multivitamin supplement for men aimed at improving sperm quality


Marketing Award by Sindusfarma “Lupa de Ouro” for Vicog and Magnen B6


Launch of ZincoPro, a zinc supplement combined with probiotics for the treatment of diarrhea

Launch of Pasalix PI, passiflora incarnata in doses of 500mg to combat anxiety

Launch of Caldê KM, a calcium supplement enriched with vitamin K2, magnesium and vitamin D to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia

Launch of OmegaFolin, multivitamin supplement for pregnant women, focused on preconception

Launch of Vecasten gel, a gel with herbal extracts for relieving leg discomfort


Launch of Colaten, a non-hydrolyzed type II collagen

Marketing Award by Sindusfarma “Lupa de Ouro” for Trivagel-N, Caldê and Pasalix


Launch of Relactagel, an intravaginal moisturizing gel composed of lactic acid and glycogen that balances pH and restores vaginal moisture.

Launch of ViterSol DK2, the first combined vitamin D and vitamin K2 supplement (1) that activates osteocalcin, in addition to cardiovascular protection (2,3).

References: 1. IQVIA – PMB unidades Mai/2021. 2. Kidd PM. Altern Med Rev 2010;15(3):199-222. 3. Hou YC, Lu CL, Zheng CM, Chen RM, Lin YF, Liu WC, et al. Nutrients 2019;11(1):1-13


Launch of Caldê MDK, a calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 supplement. More vitamins and minerals for stronger bones (1).

Launch of Colaten HA, type II non-hydrolyzed collagen associated with hyaluronic acid to improve joint health

Launch of Dozemast, mecobalamin 1000 mcg in sublingual tablets for the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency

Reference: 1. Wacker M, Holick MF. Vitamin D - effects on skeletal and extraskeletal health and the need for supplementation. Nutrients. 2013;5(1):111-48.


Launch Magnen Femme, methylcobalamin, pyridoxal phosphate and magnesium supplement to improve irritability and mood swings

Marketing Award by Sindusfarma “Lupa de Ouro” for Dozemast, Vitergan Zinc PL and Trivagel-N


It means be aligned with people, take care and develop them. We are committed to our people, partners and community –together, we lead the change!

Our main focus is prevention, not in diseases. We develop and offer products that improve and optimize/boost people’s health and quality of life.

We offer more than 30 leading products in different categories, from joint bone health to anxiety, insomnia and well-being.

Work to contribute to environmental protection for (current and future) all generations. To work and act in a more sustainable and conscious way, to as to make a positive impact in the world.

We encourage innovation throughout the organization to develop new and breakthrough concepts to deliver better healthcare solutions. We search for the latest trends, stimulate creativity to transform conceptual ideas into new products, technologies and processes.


Marjan works to promote environmental protection, engaging and inspiring present and future generations! We constantly pursue ways to work in a more sustainable and environmental and friendly way. Find out our initiatives to preserve the environment:


In 2021 we recycled more than 60 tons of materials, including such as packaging leftovers, contaminated and electronic waste.

Water reuse

With the installation of water reuse equipment we managed to reduce water consumption by serve 300,000 liters of water per month.

Paper reduction

In the past, printed material was the sales team’s main means of conveying product information to the medical class and clients. Starting in 2013, we introduced the use of tablets and drastically reduced the use of paper.

ESG Committee

In 2021, the ESG Committee was created to improve the company’s governance standards. It was conceived to discuss  new sets of standards and good practices aimed at evaluating whether the company is socially aware, and sustainably managed.

Correct disposal
of medicines

Being in line with the essence of life is being connected to the environment. To achieve this, we combine scientific progress with sustainability, to make a difference throughout the value chain through actions that are environmentally and socially responsible. Our commitment is to create a possible future for everyone, in which life is our main focus.

Social Commitment

We believe in the strength of private sector entrepreneurship as an important agent for transforming society. That is why we support social projects related to Education, Health and Environment. Discover our initiatives:

Instituto Olinto Marques de Paulo

Marjan Farma participates in the development of human beings through various actions, including support and commitment to the Olinto Marques de Paulo Institute.

Driven by the desire to transform early childhood education, making it more humane, compassionate, creative and generous, Instituto Olinto Marques de Paulo was established in 2007, in tribute to the founder of Marjan Farma, Olinto Marques de Paulo.

An enthusiast and great supporter of his employees’ education and personal growth, Olinto has always kept an ideal in mind: people need to have access to the necessary means for their transformation. After his passing in 2006, his family sought, in their tribute, to carry forward the sowing of social changes with which he envisioned. Education is the path of transformative changes.

In 2007, Instituto Olinto Marques de Paulo started its operations, inspired and led by the eldest daughter Janice Mascarenhas Marques, in collaboration with people moved by the same ideals.

The Institute supports various educational institutions so as to transform and improve early childhood education. Discover some of these projects!

What moves us is